Along with our fresh creative approach to web design, is a solid foundation of sound web design practices (search engine optimization, google webmaster tools,  html and script coding, color psychology, trends, analytics, cross-browser and cross platform compatibility). No longer are we merely looking at square crt monitors, or chained to our desk! We’re wireless, we’re mobile, we’re on hi-def wide screens, we’re on tablets, phones, and who knows what next? And Marketing House is on top of what is needed to make your website work for your business. No longer is it simply good enough to have a basic looking site with a couple of animated gifs.  You need click factor, you need movement, you need photos, you need relevant content, you need a facebook page, a twitter account, and it’s enough to make anyone’s head spin! Just like a business card and a good logo, they are all required in today’s market. When you hire Marketing House to design or update your website, it does not mean the job is done once it goes live, and you are on your own to figure it out afterwards. Web sites must also evolve, stay updated, grow, and we do it together.  Speaking of evolving, be sure to visit  for updates on the above, they’re always getting new stuff!
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