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Marketing House may have a  retro approach to business, but we didn’t just fall off the truck! When it comes to design, it’s fresh, not processed. It’s grown in our own creative garden, not from a box. It’s honest to goodness, and good for you! After over 10 years, you would think things might have gotten a little stale, but not a chance! There are fresh ideas popping up all the time! It’s firm, fresh, smells good, and it’s a keeper!  While this may be a little tongue in cheek, when it comes to clients, it is nothing but serious business.
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8.4.2018 OK! I know my OWN website is a little dated… (a lot). I nearly spit out my coffee when I realized how long it has been since I’ve designed and illustrated this website… But, let’s put it this way, rather than spend the time to market myself, update my website or brag on social media, I’d rather spend that time doing it for my clients! Some rainy day in January, I might revise this design from 2011… Hopefully, that should tell you, if nothing else, that I’ve been in this business for awhile, know and like what I do for clients, and would love to see how I can help you with your design, marketing and consulting needs!